More Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC announced

Even more Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC is on its way. This time, players will have access to a new episode which will feature Snow and more backstory on his relationship with Serah. Players will also have the chance to fight and recruit him in the Coliseum. Another new addition to the Coliseum will be Valfodr. Director Toriyama Motomu has confirmed that Valfodr will be “the strongest opponent you’ll face in the Coliseum, and when at his maximum level is the most powerful monster in Final Fantasy XIII-2 as a whole.” Valfodr apparently marks the first time that an original character is being added to the Coliseum…or does it? (POSSIBLE SPOILER)

The new DLC is scheduled to be released on May 15.

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2 thoughts on “More Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC announced

  1. I’ve been spending every second of free time that I get trying to get my party powerful enough to take on Valfodr when he’s released. I am totally going all @#JR(F@34SDH@#R#@(!@(&%&^). Considering how difficult they’ve made some of the other DLC, particularly Gilgamesh, I am giddy about this new boss.

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