New Chinese Gaming Console Released Despite Ban on Video Games

According to Kotaku, a new game system is being released in China, despite the nationwide ban on video game consoles. It isn’t cheap, either, according to Brian Ashcraft:

Now called CT510, this is the Chinese game console the Lenovo backed and co-invested in—the first of its kind. In China, video game consoles are banned. Yet, Beijing Eedoo Technology Ltd., the company developing the CT510, said this week that the console will be released in China on April 29. It will be priced at 3,799 yuan ($600) per unit, and it comes with eight pre-installed games.

Ashcraft continues on in this article to explain that the CT510 resembles the Xbox Kinect in that it features motion controls. No news is available regarding whether or not this game system is being released in any other countries, yet.


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