ESL announces IEM Poland

ESL has announced that they will be hosting their first event in Poland in January. While not much information has surfaced yet, what we do know is that both Starcraft II and League of Legends will be featured and the total prize pool will include $82,000. The competition will be held January 18-20, 2013 in Katowice, Poland. Games will be played in the Spodek, which is the most popular venue for major events in Poland, and it looks pretty awesome:

I have to admit that I am a sucker for cool venues. When WCS Europe was held at the Sony Ericsson Globe, I was ecstatic. I have a personal belief that the better the venue for the tournament, the more attention it will get; and any additional exposure for eSports is a great thing.

Check out their press release here and we’ll bring you more information about IEM Poland as ESL releases it.

Jon Barajas

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