Video game designer of Deus Ex wishes to make Duck Tales Games

Warren Spector, who helped create video games such as Deus Ex and System Shock, has made an interesting genre change with recently making the Epic Mickey games. And it appears he wants to carry on with creating Disney themed games, as he stated in a recent interview that he adamantly desires to make Duck Tales games. What’s interesting about his vision for Duck Tales games is that he would like to make it more cinematic while also incorporating co-op mode. Spector also stated he wanted to try making a “great” Marvel game, since he believed that he knew what made the majority of Marvel games flop. All I can say is that’s a pretty big claim.


RPGs are usually my preference, but if the game has an interesting enough story and gameplay, I'm up for it. Even before becoming an English major, the story and message of a video game held most importance to me. Of course, "bash-them-up" games have always had a special place on my shelf.

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