Smash Up: Episode 21 (February 3-7 Updates)

We got a lot of Lucario-related news this week to follow up on his reveal last week.  That and two new summons and another rumored leak make up this week of Super Smash Bros. news.

February 3: Aura Sphere

As is typical following any character announcement, this week started off with a look at the recently confirmed Lucario’s abilities.  Lucario’s neutral special is the aura sphere, a chargeable projectile that gains size, damaging power, and movement speed the more it is charged.  The sphere’s minimum and maximum states are represented in the above image.

February 4: Extreme Speed

Lucario and Luigi show off their upward special attacks.  Lucario’s up special, Extreme Speed, can be redirected in midair and will send him flying further the more damage he has taken.  Sakarai even warns to be careful not to send yourself flying off the stage when using this move, implying that it can potentially cover ridiculously large distances in the blink of an eye.

February 5: Palkia

The legendary pokemon of space and the face of Pokemon Pearl, Palkia, is confirmed as a pokeball summon.  Palkia was already featured as a stage-hazard in Brawl, but this will be his first time joining in fights as an item.  His signature move is Spacial Rend which will tear vertically through the stage.  There is no specific mention as to what Spacial Rend does in Smash, but it could have a wide area of damage as it does in the Pokemon games or it could warp space to turn the stage upside-down or tilted as it did in Brawl.  Also, did we mention that Lucario is in the game?

February 6: Not Lucario

One of Rosalina’s basic aerial attacks uses a galaxy-based visual effect.  We’ve already seen this move before, so there’s nothing worth noting here other than Sakarai’s somewhat creepy commentary: “It is said that the cosmos is beneath Rosalina’s gown.”  Okaaaay… I don’t remember that in either of the Super Mario Galaxy games.

February 7: Mother Brain

Mother Brain, the main antagonist of the Metriod series, was revealed as an assist trophy.  Like Palkia, this is one of the larger summons in the game.  She is surrounded by enemies called Rinkas, which are the yellow circles pictured, and strikes with the Laser Brain Attack that stuns an enemy and deals heavy damage.  As I’ve said before with the Yellow Devil, this character could easily be worked into a full boss fight given the material they’ve already made and I hope they don’t just settle for leaving her as an assist trophy.

Character Prediction of the Week: Falco

Not long after the supposed Palutena leak, we have rumors of Falco from the Starfox series having his return to the roster leaked.  The two leaks are unrelated as the Palutena leak is based on a playtester breaking the nondisclosure agreement, while the the Falco leak claims that his profile page was accidentally posted to the official website early before quickly being taken down.  While the general rules of the internet tell me to call it a hoax, this is certainly convincing.  The character model shown matches the aesthetics already being used in Fox’s design and is shown in high-definition which would be much harder to fake than a 3DS screen.  Even if this is a hoax, I can still guarantee you that Falco will be making a return.  He’s one of the most popular characters to play as in the Smash series and certainly a more prominent clone character than the already-confirmed Toon Link.  Falco is bound to make a return.

Verdict: Definitely

That concludes another week of Smash Up.  Will the inclusion of Falco or Palutena be confirmed next week?  What other announcements could HAL Labs and Bandai Namco have in store?  Will we see more Lucario?  Check back next week to find out.

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