Smash Up: Episode 28 (March 24-28)

Well, this was certainly better than the last.  Sadly, we still don’t have any character reveals and my past theory that we would be receiving bimonthly reveals from now on is officially dead.  We’ve almost gone through the entire month of March without a single character reveal and there is only one day of the month left that will have an update.  Unless we get a reveal next Monday, March will be the first month since the game’s unveiling that has gone without a character being confirmed.  But that’s enough dwelling on the bad news and its time to cover this week’s updates for Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS. Unfortunately, video versions will be on hiatus for some time.

March 24: Birdemic

The week starts off with a bang as a gloriously insane new item is introduced: the cucco.  Cuccos are chickens from The Legend of Zelda series with an added twist: if you attack a cucco, it will scream for its friends and go all Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds on you.  It is a hilarious Easter Egg and cuccos have earned a special place in the hearts of all Zelda fans.  And, yes, the cucco swarm is now joining the Smash series as attacking this pretty poultry will rain an army of vengeful white meat upon the offender.

March 25: Better 1 or Better 2?

We have a comparison shot of characters in the 3DS version with and without the black outlines.  Players will have the option to customize the outline to their liking and will even be able to turn them off entirely.  The outlines are included only on the 3DS version to help make the characters stand out on the small screen.

March 26: Force of Nature

Another new item is revealed and this one is taken from Kid Icarus: Uprising.  The Ore Club is a lengthy melee weapon forged from minerals found beneath Mt. Olympus.  Along with having a great amount of power and range, the club can also be used to launch tornadoes.  It will likely function in a similar fashion as the Star Rod in previous games where charging the weapon with a smash attack will fire off a limited supply of projectiles.  We also get another peak at the previously teased Palutena’s Shrine stage, but how the stage will be laid out is still a mystery.

March 27: Familiar Face

Andross is confirmed for a return as an Assist Trophy.  Andross is appearing in his original, low-polygon form from the original Starfox game on the SNES.  He attacks enemies from the background with a stream of panels.

March 28: Going Up

The week ends with a three-part tour of the Prism Tower stage for the 3DS version.  The stage starts on the street in front of the tower before ascending upward toward the peak.  As the battle goes upward, the time of day will change from day to night.

Character Prediction of the Week: Ice Climbers

Back when the game was first unveiled, Sakarai discussed the outlines in an interview and stated that the team was having some trouble getting it to work with the Ice Climbers.  That could have put the characters at risk of being cut, but the problem was encountered very early in development and Tuesday’s update shows that the developers have put a lot of work into the outlines.  If they haven’t resolved the issue by now, I’m sure they will be the time of the game’s unscheduled launch.  I’m certain we will see the Eskimo duo make another appearance.

Verdict: Definitely

This was a pretty good week, but it’s been too long since we’ve had a character confirmed for the roster.  I know there are plenty of shoe-ins for a return, but it helps to have official confirmation.  Which characters do you want to see in the roster?  Will you be having chicken-related nightmares tonight?  Leave a comment below and check back next week.

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