Smash Up: Episode 36 (May 19-23 Updates)

This week’s updates had a slow start, but things really started to pick up Wednesday.   Best of all, we had a surprise character reveal to close off the week.  All that and the character prediction of the week are available below.

May 19: Mac Attack

The week starts off with another look at Little Mac’s final smash: the Giga Mac transformation.  This was already revealed in his debut trailer and there is nothing new offered with the post.  Giga Mac is based on an element in the Versus mode of Punch Out on the Wii.  It will beef up Mac already massive attack power and deal out insane amounts of damage.

May 20: Call for Back Up

The new model for the Assist Trophy item is shown off.  Picking up the trophy will summon a random assist character.  Again, we’ve already seen this in the Direct and the post doesn’t offer anything new.

May 21: About Face

Things finally start to pick up with the announcement of a major visual update.  In past games, characters would simply turn 180 degrees with no changes to their posture and many would have either their chest or back facing the camera depending on the direction they were facing.  Now, characters will always face the camera and adjust their posture when turning around.  This may seem like a minor thing, but adding this meant doubling the amount of animation work put into every character.  We also get a peek at some of the palette swaps that will be available for a few characters.  Along with Fire Flower Mario and red Greninja seen above, a bonus pic revealed blue Kirby and black Bowser.  Speaking of which…

May 22: Team Colors

Team battles in previous games would have characters all assigned the same color palette.  Everyone on the red team would be colored red, blue team would be blue, and green team would be green.  This time around, the teams will be differentiated by the color of their outlines rather than the characters themselves.

May 23: We Like Ike

In a very surprising announcement, Ike, the start of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, has been confirmed to make a return to Smash’s roster.  While he offers a unique moveset, many were suspecting that he would be cut after his inclusion in Brawl due to not having a major role in a game since Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn on the Wii and would likely be replaced with Chrom of Fire Emblem: Awakening.  Speaking of Radiant Dawn, Ike has been given a visual overhaul based on his appearance in that game.  I’m certainly more fond of his new look over his old one as this better conveys him as a powerhouse.  His moveset appears unchanged based on what we can see on his profile page and Sakarai makes note that his signature move, the flying Aether slash, will be returning.  This now brings the official roster up to thirty and there are still plenty of characters in store.

Character Prediction of the Week: Impa

Impa was recently confirmed as the first hero joining forces with Link in the upcoming Hyrule Warriors and that may be a good sign of her also joining the playable roster of Smash.  Granted, this is a very recent development headed by a third-party company, so it isn’t the strongest evidence of a newcomer.  Then again, she has been with The Legend of Zelda series from the beginning and her appearances have ranged from old woman to ninja warrior.  Rosalina has already managed to get on the roster with less, so Impa could have shot at joining the fight.

Verdict: Maybe

What are your thoughts on Ike’s return?  Which character are you hoping to see announced next?  Leave a comment below and check back next week for more on Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS.

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