Smash Up: Episode 38 (June 2-6 Updates)

Next week is E3, next week is E3, next week is E3!  Sorry, just a little bit excited about what’s around the corner.  All manner of big announcements are coming up from all corners of the gaming industry, but we still have a good week of Smash updates to tide us over until the really big reveals hit.  All that and the Character Prediction of the Week are below.

June 2: Around the World

A new stage for the Wii U version is revealed.  Mushroom Kingdom U is a stage based on New Super Mario Bros U and is a transforming stage similar to the Pokemon Stadium stages of previous Smash games.  Now and then, the koopa wizard Kamek will fly in and cast a spell that will radically change the location of the battle.  The area pictured above is based on the Acorn Plains area.


This is another part of the Mushroom Kingdom U stage based on the Sparkling Waters area.  Water spouts generate rising platforms while the floating Mega Urchin is a stage hazard.  This stage will be playable in the upcoming demo that will be appearing in Best Buy stores next week.

June 3: Scenic Statute

Some stages in both versions of the game will have collectable trophies representing them.  We see that Tortimer Island will be one of the stages getting this treatment.  The trophy version is clearly its own unique model rather than just a duplicate of any existing model of the stage.

June 4: From a Land Down Under

The new Boomerang item taken from the Mario series is presenting in this screenshot.  We already had confirmation of this item a while back, but now we know exactly how it will work.  As you would it expect, it is a throwing item that will return back to the player who threw it.  However, the Boomerang will also grow more powerful the more times you catch it.  It can also be caught in mid-air by opponents and used by them, making for an interesting risk/reward mechanic in using it.  Using it more gets you a more powerful item, but also runs a greater risk of someone else taking it from you.

June 5: Hot Coffee

Brewster will be appearing in the background of the City and Town stage on the Wii U version and he will be bringing his coffee shop with him.  I highly doubt this will have any effect on the actual battle is likely just another background detail.

June 6: We Who are About to Die…

Another new stage is revealed for the Wii U version, this time being the Coliseum from the Fire Emblem series.  Little is known about this new stage aside from its large size and astonishing detail.  Sakarai does state that machines are turning beneath the surface and will change the shape of the landscape over time.  Only time will tell what kinds of dynamics will appear in the stage.

Character Prediction of the Week: Lloyd Irving

It is pretty much guaranteed that we are going to have a Namco Bandai character added to the roster at E3.  Namco Bandai is co-developing the game and it would be nonsensical for them not to get one playable character.  Pac-Man is almost certain to be in the game and Siegfried from Soul Calibur has a decent shot.  With any inclusion from the Tekken series in doubt, third in line would have to be Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia.  The Tales series of RPGs has been with Namco for many years and has a devoted following and Tales of Symphonia is one of its most popular entries.  Lloyd has already crossed over into the Soul Calibur series with a major role in Soul Calibur Legends and both of the Symphonia games originally released as exclusives for Nintendo consoles, so it would make a good deal of sense to include him in Smash.  Again, nobody is taking Pac-Man’s spot at the front of the line, but if Namco Bandai can fit two or three of their characters on the roster, then Lloyd would have a pretty strong chance.

Verdict: Maybe

I am both anticipating and dreading next week’s recap.  On the one hand, we will have a bulk of new information and I will even have some hands-on time with the game for myself.  The bad news is that I will have to do a LOT of writing to cover everything that gets unveiled.  Still, it’s going to be completely worth it.  Let us know what you are hoping to see revealed over the course of E3 and check back next week for all the latest news on Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS.

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