Smash Up: Episode 46 (July 28-August 1 Updates)

This was a stellar week for updates on Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS with plenty of exciting news each day.  Two new stages, a new item, a new mini-game, and a new Assist Trophy make up this week’s reveals.  All that, the Character Prediction of the Week, and even a couple of potential leaks are below.

July 28: Way of the Samurai

Takamaru from The Mysterious Murasame Castle is revealed as a new Assist Trophy character.  There was a good amount of speculation that Takamaru would be playable based on him being the star of one of the mini-games in Nintendo Land, but it turns out that the protagonist of a single game that was only released in Japan 28 years ago really was to out there to justify an inclusion on the roster.  Still, getting in as an assist is the next best thing and it could still be enough to set his series up for a revival, as it did for the Punch-Out!! and Sin and Punishment games in the past.

While Takamaru may not make the roster, Captain Rainbow may now have a good chance as Takamaru had a major role in that game and Sakurai’s announcement seems to reference his appearance there.  This, in addition to the trophy based on Little Mac’s appearance in Captain Rainbow, could be teasing at Captain Rainbow joining the roster.

July 29: It’s in a Book

The first of two new stages revealed for the 3DS version is shown off on Tuesday.  This one is based on the Paper Mario series, mostly taking from the recent Paper Mario: Sticker Star.  The electrical fan seen in the background will blow strong winds that will scatter the frail stage.  This stage will not be based on Sticker Star exclusively, however, as this transformative stage will shift between various major locations across the series.  Another setting revealed for the stage is the S.S. Flavion from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

July 30: Alien Abduction

We’ve known for a while that the aliens from Namco’s classic arcade game Galaga would be appearing, but now we know they’re exact role.  They are items that catch fighters in a tractor beam and carry them up off the top of the screen, similarly to the Beetle item taken from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.  Almost all of the items appearing in the games have now been explained, but the most mysterious of the lot, the Special Flag, is still in question.  I’ve been under the impression that the Special Flag is a new variant on the Assist Trophy that exclusively summons Namco Bandai characters and that the Boss Galaga was one of them, but the Boss Galaga is clearly something separate.  My theory on the Special Flag could still be correct, but it could also be just about anything else.

July 31: Shades of Grey

Another new stage is revealed for the 3DS version based on N’s Castle from Pokemon Black and White.  Not many details are given other than that the legendary Pokemon Reshiram and Zekrom will appear on the stage.  Oh, and the third-gen Pokemon Milotic will also be appearing on the stage.  These Pokemon will likely act as stage hazards like the ones that appeared on the Spear Pillar stage in Brawl.  Sakurai is sparse on the details on this stage and we will have to wait a while to get more details.

August 1: Have a Blast

A new mini-game called Target Blast is explained.  This mini-game works like a combination of the Home-Run Contest and Target Smash games that have appeared in the past.  The player attacks a bomb to build its damage percentage and launch it farther, much like the Sandbag in Home-Run Contest.  However, the timer on the bomb will start ticking down once it takes its first hit and the bomb will explode when the timer hits zero.  Instead of an empty field, the player will launch the bomb into a fragile structure containing numerous targets.  Your goal is to cause as much destruction and mayhem as you can with two bombs.

Character Prediction of the Week: Ghirahim

A new Nintendo Direct is airing on August 4th dedicated to Hyrule Warriors and it may or may not include a new Zelda character for Smash’s roster.  A character has been revealed for Smash with each of the major semi-annual Directs, but this is the only major Direct other then the Smash Direct dedicated to a single game.  A popular character that many speculators have hoped to see added is Ghirahim, the main villain from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.  Some have even suggested that he may replace Ganondorf on the roster, but I can’t ever see the main villain of the series be replaced with what was more or less a one-and-done lackey.  His swordplay and sorcery could make for an interesting moveset, but Robin already has that archetype covered.  He could still have a decent shot at joining the roster, but I don’t think that his odds are as good as his fans make them out to be.

Verdict: Maybe

Before we close off, there are a few potential leaks recently.  On the 3DS eShop, the new Smash game was listed under Wario’s line of games, possibly showing that he is returning.  Even if that is only an accident, Wario is still almost certainly making a return.  More interesting is that, during Nintendo’s event at San Diego Comic-Con, one of the developers accidentally mentioned Wolf.  You can see it for yourself right here.  Wolf is one of the characters from Brawl that I was sure was going to be cut and most of Brawl‘s remaining roster would be looking pretty good if Wolf were to return.  That’s it for now, but look forward to plenty more Smash news next week.

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