Smash Up: Episode 47 (August 4-8 Updates)

We have another great week of updates for Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS.  The idea that a new Zelda character would be revealed to tie in with the Hyrule Warrior Direct proved to be misplaced, but there were still plenty of great announcements.  Some very surprising new features were revealed, including new items, new ways to get trophies, and a mysterious tribute to everyone’s favorite handheld highlight this week’s updates.  All that and the Character Prediction of the Week are below.

August 4: Frog Prince

Once again, the week starts with a new Assist Trophy based on an obscure character being revealed.  This one is the Sable Prince from the Japan-only Gameboy game titled The Frog for Whom the Bell Tolls.  The prince is able to transform into either a frog or a snake and traps opponents in a damaging dust cloud.  For the record, the stage he is appearing on is (presumably) the Tomodachi Life stage.

August 5: Load-Out

A brand new item is revealed taken from Kid Icarus: Uprising.  Daybreak works similarly to the Dragoon in that it starts out as three separate items that need to be collected in order to build the full item.  Completing the Daybreak will arm you with an extremely powerful shooting item.  Sakarai also confirms that the run-and-gun mechanics introduced in Brawl will carry over into the new games.

August 6: Support Role

Two legendary Pokemon assists have their abilities explained.  Victini (pictured right) will buff the player that summons it by giving him or her increased attack power and immunity to flinching.  Xerneas (pictured left) will actually buff the launching power of all fighters, but the one that actually summons it will receive the strongest buff.  Assists that offer buffs for characters rather than outright attacking opponents is a new concept for the series.  There have been assists that act more as support characters, such as Chansey and Gardevoir, but these are the first ones to make characters stronger.

August 7: What’re Ya Buyin’?

Fans of collecting trophies in the Smash games will love Thusday’s update.  First up, we have a look at how the trophy gallery will appear in the 3DS version of the game.  The 3D model appears on the top screen while a description of the character or item is presented on the bottom screen.  Sakarai implies (but does not outright state because Sakarai) that the 3DS version of the game alone will have more trophies than the 544 that appeared in Brawl.


That’s not all as there is also the reveal of the Trophy Shop.  There are plenty of ways to snag random trophies for your collection, but now you can purchase specific ones using either your Smash Coins, earned from playing just about any game mode, or the 3DS Play Coins that are earned by walking around with your 3DS in sleep mode.  Rest assured that there will be no microtransactions with actual money involved here.  Some trophies will even go on sale for a limited time.  For those curious, the trophies pictured above are of (starting from the top right and moving to the bottom left) Andrew Oikonny from Star Fox, the Phantom Knight from The Legend of Zelda, Viridi from Kid Icarus: Uprising, Oshawott from Pokemon, Tingle from The Legend of Zelda, and a Goomba from Super Mario.

August 8: Ba-Ding

The iconic green and black screen of the Gameboy screen appears in the 3DS version, but what it is exactly is unknown.  The obvious explanation is that it’s a new stage, but Sakarai said next to nothing about its reveal.  He does say that turning on the 3D effect will make it look like there is an actual Gameboy inside the screen, but that’s it and there is room for speculation.  Theories have gone around that this could be anything from a new game mode to even being how the credits will be presented in the game.  One thing I would like to point out is that Dedede’s hammer is not recolored like his and Kirby’s bodies.  It seems that these are just alternate colors for the characters rather than an effect of this map.

Character Prediction of the Week: Captain Toad

The new Super Smash Bros games will be the first to implement Nintendo’s upcoming series of NFC figures called Amiibo (think Skylanders or Disney Infinity), but several other games are set to support the figures.  One of those games will be Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker, starring the hapless explorer that had a supporting role in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D World.  How Amiibo are going to work exactly between games is still unknown, but there is a chance that Captain Toad could be included on the roster so that he has an Amiibo figure of his own.  While his own game was only announced recently and there isn’t much of a history for Captain Toad specifically, his moveset could draw from Toads across their long history in the Mario franchise.  This idea makes a lot of assumptions on how Amiibos will work and his chances may not be nearly as strong as I’ve made them out to be, but he could still have a good shot at joining the battle.

Verdict: Maybe


One thing I’ve been meaning to bring up is that a promotional image released a while back revealed the Green Hill Zone stage from Brawl will be appearing on the 3DS version of the game.  Next week will bring the release of the new Coro Coro Magazine with plenty of details on characters and stages.  What are you hoping to see announced?  Who should be covered on the next Character Prediction of the Week?  Leave a comment below and check back next week for more.

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