Smash Up: Episode 48 (August 11-15 Updates)

A fairly decent week of updates for Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS.  Unfortunately, the anticipated Coro Coro magazine issue dedicated to the games didn’t have any new information, but the official updates still had their share of interesting updates, including an addition to the roster.  All that and the Character Prediction of the Week are below.

August 11: Masquerade

The week starts off on a weird note with Swordfighter Miis cosplaying as Samus and Meta Knight.  What makes this so weird is that  the Kirby character Meta Knight appeared in Brawl, but hasn’t been confirmed for the new games.  At least, not yet.  People weren’t sure what to make of this at the time, causing confusion and debate typical of Sakarai’s tricks.

August 12: 1-Up

The mysterious Special Flag item finally has an explanation on how it functions.  It actually adds to your score and increases your chances to win the match.  It will add a point to your K.O. score in a timed match and give you an extra life in stock matches.  It’s unknown how it could affect coin and stamina matches (assuming that those modes are returning), but it probably won’t appear in game modes where it doesn’t have an effect as is the case with the Team Healer.

August 13: Already Banned

After the tease earlier this week, Meta Knight receives actual confirmation for the roster.  His look has received a slight update with the addition of metal plating on his gloves.  However, the biggest concern is how his move-set has been updated for the new games.  Meta Knight was infamously over-powered in Brawl with incredibly high speed, striking power, and priority.  We know that his glide ability has been removed entirely, much like with Pit and Charizard, and his Shuttle Loop special has been adjusted to deal two slicing attacks while Meta Knight travels in a large loop.


The images on his profile page also have some interesting hidden details.  For one, we see Pokemon appearing in the background of the Kalos Pokemon League stage for the first time with (from left to right) Garchomp, Hydreigon, Axew, and Dragonite.  It seems like this stage will be acting as the new Pokemon Stadium with rooms dedicated to the types used by the Elite Four.  Even more interesting is that some images of Meta Knight show him with scratches on his right shoulder while others do not.  It’s too minor a detail to be an alternate costume, so this may be evidence of battle damage appearing on fighters over the course of a match.  Battle damage was experimented with in the development of Brawl, with some damaged textures being left over in the game’s files, but it was ultimately cut.  It looks like the developers are playing the idea again, but this doesn’t confirm that it will be used in the final version.

August 14: Get Equipped

Two of Mega Man’s custom moves are revealed.  The Plant Shield is a replacement for the Leaf Shield and Beat (pictured right) replaces the Rush Spring as Mega Man’s recovery move.  It’s unknown how the Plant Shield will differ from the Leaf Shield, but Beat seems to extend Mega Man’s jumps.  Sakarai also states that Mega Man will also have custom moves based on the signature attacks of bosses beyond just the weapons you receive for beating them in the Mega Man games.

August 15: Armed and Ready

The week ends with a look at the equipment menu for Smash Run.  You can only equip six items total, but each item also has weight to it.  The weight system prevents players from simply choosing six especially powerful items and demands careful strategy in building a load-out.  You can also label your favorite items with the star symbol and press the X button to give yourself a random load-out.

Character Prediction of the Week: Banjo and Kazooie

For anyone who is still holding out hope to see the bear and bird duo from the classic 3D platformers, it’s time to face facts.  The rights to the characters were sold to Microsoft along with the rest of Rareware, and there is no way that Microsoft would license the characters out to appear on a rival platform.  I love the Banjo Kazooie games as much as the next guy and I would love to see them appear on the roster, but the fact is that it simply will not happen.  If Nintendo bought the rights to the franchise back, maybe Banjo and Kazooie could appear in the next Smash game after the Wii U and 3DS games.  As it stands, there is no chance of the two appearing in the upcoming games in any fashion.

Verdict: Impossible

What are your thoughts on this week’s updates?  Are excited to see Meta Knight return, or is this the day you’ve been dreading?  Who should be featured on the next Character Prediction of the Week?  Leave a comment below and check back next week for more on Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS.

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