Smash Up: Episode 49 (August 18-22 Updates)

This week certainly went out with a bang with the single biggest standalone update to date.  There were other exciting updates for Super Smash Bros, as well as a possible roster leak.  All this and the Character Prediction of the Week are available below.

August 18: Fear of the Dark

The Nightmare Wizard, the final boss from Kirby’s Adventure on the NES, appears as an Assist Trophy.  He will shroud the stage in the darkness and force players to fight blind for a limited time.  Even computer-controlled opponents will falter when faced with screen-obscuring effects, which has been a notorious problem with the AI in Smash games past.

August 19: Birthday Suit Samus

A new alternate costume for Zero Suit Samus is revealed based on her appearance in the ending to Metroid: Zero Mission.  Along with the new outfit, we also have confirmation that the Brinstar stage from Melee will be returning for the 3DS version.

August 20: Loot and Plunder

The treasure chests in Smash Run contain not only power-ups for the match, but also bags that contain items to equip for future matches of Smash Run (pictured left) and custom parts for your characters (pictured right).  Just be careful that you don’t run into a Mimicutie, an enemy taken from Kid Icarus: Uprising that disguises itself as a chest.  Mimicutie’s are much tougher than they look and your only option against them will be to run away.

August 21: Sick with Anger

Ghirahim, the main villain from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, appears as an Assist Trophy.  How he will work exactly is unknown, but it’s a safe bet that he will use his swordplay and teleportation abilities.  Ghirahim was a popular choice for a new Zelda character on the roster, so this announcement has certainly broken a few hearts.  Hey, at least he has it better than Zant.

August 22: Symphony

The week ends with an indepth description of the soundtrack and I do mean indepth.  We start with a look at the sound test screen.  The word ‘remix’ seen above the song’s title comes in two colors depending on where the remix comes from.  Remixes made specifically for the new games will have the word written in pink while remixes returning from previous Smash games will have it in white.  You’ll also be able to create a playlist of your favorite tracks and use the game as an MP3 player while the 3DS is in sleep mode.  Stages on the 3DS version typically have two songs apiece, but Smash Run will use your own custom playlist for its soundtrack.  There will also be extra songs included aside from those attached to stages simply to add to your potential playlists.  But it’s one thing to read about a soundtrack, it’s another to hear it.  A new page has been added to the official website dedicated to the game’s music with three tracks and a list of the musicians working on the 3DS version.  The list of musicians includes some of the famous games they’ve worked on before, but don’t take them as any sort of hints towards what we could see in the new Smash games as a similar list was released during the development of Brawl and ultimately didn’t offer any actual clues toward the final game.  More tracks will be released over time.

Character Prediction of the Week: Dark Pit

This week, there was a supposed roster leak released by someone claiming to be a member of the ESRB.  The leak is extremely convincing with highly detailed character models that have never been seen before… And I don’t believe it for one second.  Several of the leaked newcomers are questionable, such as Bowser Jr. and the Duck Hunt Dog, but one of them absolutely can not happen.  Dark Pit from Kid Icarus: Uprising simply can’t be a separate character because he is completely identical to Pit and having two different characters bare the exact same appearance in a competitive game would be a sin against game design.  Players need to be able to readily identify a character at a glance in order to quickly develop strategies in how to approach and attack the opponent.  Even if Dark Pit is a hard clone of Pit, the slightest difference in playstyle could cause confusion in a match and cause unfair mistakes that could have been avoided if there weren’t two identical characters on the roster.  The fact that Pit wears white and Dark Pit wears black is meaningless considering that every playable character has a wide variety of palette swaps available.  Dark Pit could only ever be included in the game as an alternate appearance for Pit and could never work as a separate entity.  In a way, I’m sure he is still playable, but only as an alternate  form of Pit and not as his own separate character.

Verdict: Impossible

There are only three weeks left until we know the real full roster for the new Smash games.  Super Smash Bros for 3DS releases in Japan on September 13th, and it won’t be long until all of the secret characters are discovered.  Once we have the full roster available, Smash Up will be wrapped up.  If any major announcements are released in regards to the Wii U version specifically, it will be covered in a regular news post.  Here’s looking forward to all of the remaining announcements before the game’s release.  Let us know what you’re still waiting to see revealed and check back next week for more.

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