Uber Launches New RTS Kickstarter Project

Human Resources Header

Uber Entertainment, developers of Monday Night Combat and Super Monday Night Combat, launched a Kickstarter campaign for Human Resources. Human Resources is described as “an apocalyptic RTS game” where players control one of two monstrous factions trying to destroy Earth. As per the tile, humans serve as the resources necessary for fueling these armies. The two armies vary between “ancient squid monsters” and “giant killer robots,” and are set up to provide an asymmetrical combat experience. Uber is also promising a cell-shaded art style and gameplay reminiscent of both Command and Conquer and Planetary Annihilation, the latter of which Uber Entertainment also developed. The development team includes vets from Total AnnihilationCommand and ConquerSupreme Commander, and Demigod. There are 30 days left at the time of this article, and they have raised $181,609 out of the $1,400,00 goal.


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