5+: Most Competitive Goblins Vs Gnomes Cards

Hearthstone, the hit digital card game based on the Warcraft franchise, recently released its first full expansion, Goblins Vs Gnomes, with over 120 new cards added to the game.  This means a huge meta shift and a lot of new decks to build.  Anyone hoping to stay competitive in this new evolution of the game is going to need to know where to start expanding their collection.  Many of the new cards have random effects and are meant more as jokes than truly competitive cards, but there are plenty of cards that are seriously going to change how this game is played at the competitive level.  Here are five of the most important new cards added with Goblins Vs Gnomes that everyone should keep an eye out for.


This clown may seem like a joke (I’m sorry that I’m not sorry), but he is actually incredibly powerful when it comes to setting up an early board.  Your opponent has to focus on him before going after your more valuable minions and his Divine Shield means that a lot will always have to be thrown at him before he goes down.  He may not trade well with enemy minions, but the lead you can build up on the board early on makes him incredibly valuable in a variety of decks.  This is all without even mentioning the fact that he also has Mech synergy to allow for even more diabolical early-game plays.  He also scales fairly well into the late game as he can offer you just enough protection to prevent a fatal blow.


You’re always going to want some hard removal in your deck to deal with big threats.  One of the big weaknesses of the Warrior class was that its only hard removal card, Execute, required the enemy minion to already be damaged inorder for the spell to affect it.  Whenever a big threat came up, you’d almost always have to trade two of your cards for one of your opponents.  Crush offers an alternative that can trade much more favorably.  It may seem extremely situational with how much mana it costs unless you have a damaged minion, but if there’s any class that’s going to a wounded creature on board, it’s definitely the sadistic Warrior.  Crush can generally be considered a 3-mana spell that can remove any minion you need to be rid of.  That.  Is.  Insane.


You have no idea how much Priest needed this card.  A 3/2 for 2 mana is always a solid stat line, but his battlecry has an incredible amount of synergy with several existing Priest cards.  Many of the Priest’s most powerful cards target enemy minions based on their attack power with several only targeting minions with 3 attack points or less.  When combined with Shrinkmeister, the potential for cards like Shadow Word Pain, Shadow Madness, and Cabal Shadow Priest become incredible.  Before, Priest had no easy answers for 4 attack minions and getting through cards like Chillwind Yeti and Ysera was a nightmare.  Now, dealing with them is just a matter of having the right combo at the right time.

Muster for Battle

I think Paladin may have benefited the most from this expansion and Muster for Battle is the best example of what the class has gained.  The Paladin class is heavily based around buffs and many of its cards are very situational.  If you aren’t drawing just the right cards at just the right time, you’ll quickly fall behind and Paladin is widely considered the weakest class in the game because of this.  Muster for Battle can not only be thrown out at any time, but it also sets your board up to unleash any buffs that you’re holding onto.  This card would be a massive boon on its own, but the release of Quartermaster (a minion that beefs up all of your Silver Hand Recruits upon being summoned) and Bolvar Fordragon (a minion that grows stronger whenever one of your minions dies while he is waiting in your hand) make this swarm of cannon-fodder very valuable.  If that wasn’t enough, you also get a free weapon on top of everything else.  Granted, it’s one of the worst weapons in the game, but it isn’t taking up a card in your deck and it still offers one more source of damage.

Spider Tank

This may seem anticlimactic, but the most simple cards can sometimes be the most effective.  There is a reason why the Chillwind Yeti is considered one of the strongest cards in the game despite not having anything flashy attached to it.  The 3/4 for 3 stat line on the Spider Tank is actually all it takes to make it one of the strongest cards in the current metagame.  Most 3 mana minions in the game have a 3/3 stat line, which means that the Spider Tank can kill a rival 3 drop and still stay on the board.  The only other card in the entire game with this stat line is the Dark Cultist, which is a Priest exclusive card.  Spider Tank is a neutral card and can fit comfortably in any deck.  It also comes with Mech synergy for some potential flashy combos on top of a practical stat line.  If there is one card that everyone should craft two of immediately, it’s this one.

What new cards do you think are making the biggest impact on Hearthstone?  Leave a comment below and it may be featured on a follow-up article next time.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go grind for more gold and dust myself.

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