Popular television series ‘Sons of Anarchy’ getting a mobile game.

‘Sons of Anarchy’ logo used in the television series.

The television series Sons of Anarchy, one of the more popular shows on television and one of the top programs on FX (its network home) is coming to an end. But, there is good news for loyal fans of the show; the show has an episodic mobile series coming around next year.

The game’s storyline has been a top secret so far, but developers promise that the mobile series will provide the same suspense, graphic content, life and death decisions, as well as new locations and situations, so you won’t just be playing reruns of the show.

Canadian studios Orpheus Interactive and Silverback Games are the developers, but Kurt Sutter, S.O.A. creator promises that he and his creative team will be a part of the process of storyline and character development.

No official release date, images, or trailers have been released yet.


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