Daredevil and Agents of Shield have a new connection.

Future storyline or cool easter egg? Time will tell.
Future storyline or cool easter egg? Time will tell.

A tweet sent out by the official account for Marvel’s Daredevil was sent out on Friday, February 20, and fans are now speculating as to what the connection is with the show and the rest of the Marvel community: https://twitter.com/Daredevil/status/568832472219127808

In the picture, the combatants advertised for the fight are “Battlin” Jack Murdock (Matt Murdock/Daredevils Father), and Carl “Crusher” Creel (Villain in the Absorbing Man).

There’s no clear explanation yet to as what the connection is; whether it will be included in the show hitting Netflix later in the year, or whether it is a fun Easter egg, connecting the show to the Marvel universe. At the end of the day, it has served its purpose; to get fans talking and interested in the show.


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