Meet Crowfall, a new MMO contender


A new company called ArtCraft Entertainment mixes together the ever persistent world of an MMO and the resetting style of a Strategy Game. They are calling the game Crowfall, and it’s being funded on Kickstarter. The game works by creating worlds that are completely destroyable with a certain objective in mind. After the campaign is completed, the character is preserved but the world is abandoned. Each campaign has different factions that dictate what a player’s specific objective will be in this world. Between missions there are sustainable kingdoms that are ruled by players, and in a Game of Thrones like fashion, the control can be undermined and taken from the current “King”. Players who control these kingdoms have control of the rules of their lands including taxes, player versus player rules, and other small details.

To learn more about this game and Kickstarter campaign, you can check it out here.

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