2K Australia Closes

Kotaku Australia reported yesterday via an anonymous source, and was later confirmed via former employees, that 2K Australia was shuttered.  It’s reported that this is due to the excessive cost of operating a AAA studio out of Australia, which only adds to the general angst in the industry towards the rising cost of AAA development. Fortunately, as VG247 points out, companies have started to extend offers to those affected.

This seems to be the general trend, however, where a big company puts out a costly release, sells well, and then shutters, leaving the workers left scrambling for employment. These offers are definitely welcome, but they seem like a band-aid solution to a wound that won’t close.

2K Australia’s most recent title was Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, makes this especially confusing. The Pre-Sequel, for me, is the best entry in the series so far. That view isn’t necessarily reflected in the rest of the critical sphere–on Metacritic it netted a 75 from critics and a 6.1 from users–but it was by no means a flop. Our thoughts are with those affected, and we hope all affected can find employment quickly.


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