AMD Unveils New Graphics Card

RX 480 This week AMD announced their newest PC graphics card in their new line of 400 series cards, the RX 480. Early benchmarks show that the RX 480 will have the rough performance of an AMD R9 390X (~$400) and nVidia GTX 980 (~$440) at the cost of…wait for it… only $200 USD.
It seems AMD is going to make a comeback in terms of graphics cards this cycle seeing as they too are boasting their new line of “Polaris” graphics cards will be between (up to) 1.7 and 2.8 times more performance per watt over their previous generation of cards meaning they can make cards more power efficient while still maintaining a boost in performance. It’s also said that the new card draws so little power that unlike the higher end counterparts needing two (8 pin) power connectors from your power supply it will only need one (6 pin) power connector.
The card is set to release June 22nd when we will indeed find out if AMD has made a comeback.
Click the link here to see AMD’s official release.

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