Red Dead Redemption Sequel Announced For 2017

Yesterday, the Internet was hot with anticipation, all due to a lone picture tweeted out by the Rockstar Games Official Twitter.  The banner bore the iconic murky red/black color scheme of Red Dead Redemption, the acclaimed cowboy shoot-em-up released six years ago.   Assuming this meant an announcement regarding the game was on the horizon, fans went wild with speculation.  As of this morning, there is need for speculation no more.

This morning, Rockstar made the official announcement with a follow-up Tweet.  Red Dead Redemption 2 is on its way, with a trailer slated for release on October 20th at 11AM [EST].  This upcoming trailer should give fans some idea of what to expect with more details on what aspects of the original game will return and what new features will make their debut.  Stay tuned to Rockstar’s Twitter and their Official Facebook Page to get more updates straight from the horse’s mouth, as well as the NextLevel site for our coverage in the coming months.

In 2010, Red Dead Redemption took the world by storm.  With its critical and financial success, it greatly surpassed the reputation of its predecessor, Red Dead Revolver.  As a result, the game garnered a huge following in its wake.  This highly anticipated sequel is set to be released in the Fall of 2017.

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3 thoughts on “Red Dead Redemption Sequel Announced For 2017

      1. Unfortunately, the trailer didn’t reveal much; it was more of a teaser. However, I’m certain that as more news drops about the game’s features, we’ll provide periodic updates on the site. The announcement has been trending for days–most likely due to Westworld and GTAV fans–so this is absolutely a hot topic that we’ll be following closely!

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