Introducing WriOps

There will be a new segment coming to the site soon: WriOps.



What is WriOps?

WriOps is the concatenation of Writer and Opinions. It is a column intended to voice the opinions of one or more members of Next Level. It will be a weekly to biweekly publishing by our staff about a current issue, future issue, or arguable issue in the gaming community.

What does it cover?

WriOps is intended to cover more “controversial” topics in the gaming world as opposed to what our opinion is on the ending of a certain game. For instance, we could publish an article about how the quality standards of a franchise have changed in over a decade (we have done this actually, right here!), to whether or not certain games have a viable competitive atmosphere.

Why WriOps?

There are a lot of topics out in the gaming world that don’t get a lot of attention because of the other breaking news. Additionally some controversial news is covered up or glossed over and here we want to give an opinion that is founded and can provide a means of debate or insight.

Evan Macintosh

An early college student with a passion for playing and talking about video games. I hope to design them some day either as a hobby or professionally. I also enjoy writing fiction stories, buuut not as much as I enjoy blowing some baddies away.

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