Resident Evil VII Launches Today

Today, Resident Evil returns with a terrifying new entry in its survival-horror franchise. As one of the longest-running series of the genre–with a supporting movie saga to boot–Capcom‘s new title has the industry holding its breath in excitement for what could be a phenomenal addition to the series. One can’t deny that the chilling scenes of the trailers range from gripping to disturbing, and we’re dying of anticipation to experience it (pun intended). Our review at NextLevel Gaming will be out soon, so stay tuned here to see if we survive the horror long enough to tell you what we thought of it. In the meantime, enjoy the murderfest of Resident Evil VII: Biohazard.

Check out the fantastic launch trailer below. Sweet dreams.

(Trailer contains strong language/imagery and may be inappropriate for younger viewers. Discretion advised)

The description from the Official Resident Evil Youtube Channel:

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is available now! Survive the twisted, terrifying Baker family and explore their mysterious and deadly mansion in Dulvey, Louisiana. Resident Evil returns to its survival horror roots.
Welcome to the family.

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