Steam Releases Its Top 100 Best-Sellers of 2016

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With the dusk of 2016 comes the release of statistics and sales across every industry, and video games are no exception. On the first of the new year, Valve revealed 2016’s top 100 breadwinners from its expansive library of PC games. While the official revenue earnings and placements will not be released, the top earners were split into categories based on their success. The “Platinum” section contains many obvious chart-toppers such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dark Souls III, and Fallout 4, but there are also a few surprises that made the cut.

That’s right. No Man’s Sky made the list. The industry is more than a little shocked that a game being investigated for false advertising and failing to live up to its pre-launch hype with mediocre reviews would top heavy hitters like DayZ and Undertale.  Regardless of its critical backlash, No Man’s Sky has made a major impact on the gaming community, and it has the numbers to prove it.

Many of the “Platinum” winners were expected; Grand Theft Auto’s PC release has greatly extended its lifespan and The Witcher III has changed the shape of the fantasy storytelling genre.  Even The Division–a game with lukewarm reception–was still guaranteed to perform well. A few of the victors, however, were genuine surprises. Rocket League exploded onto the scene with its addicting gameplay and spunky aesthetics, and XCOM 2 combined tactical design and sci-fi world-building to create a fresh experience.

Curious to see if your favorite games were best-sellers? Check out the entire list here!


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