Sunless Sea Sequel Takes to the Stars

Failbetter Games first released its steampunk sailing simulator Sunless Seas four years ago, and to a fair bit of success, gathering a cult following that kept the game circling the public eye. Now, Failbetter is back with Sunless Skies, a space-fairing sequel. Sunless Skies hit Kickstarter a little over a week ago at the time of this article, and has thus far made over $300,000, more than twice its $125,158 goal, ensuring its funding. Compare this to the Kickstater for Sunless Sea, which garnered roughly $125,000 total, and it’s clear that Failbetter Games has generated quite the following since then.

From game’s description:

It is the dawn of the 20th century, and London has taken to the stars! As the captain of a spacefaring locomotive you’ll behold wonders and battle cosmic abominations in the furthest heavens. Stake your claim. Fight to survive. Speak to storms. Murder a sun. Face judgement.

Sunless Skies takes the same steampunk and Lovecraftian motif from its predecessor and looks to expand on them, and the current demonstrations look promising. Lovecraftian space mythology is chock full of sentient stars and great beasts beyond mortal comprehension, and Sunless Skies promises to deliver. Failbetter Games has a full suite of monetary and social stretch goals, most of which are well on their way to completion. Additionally, the three limited backer tiers, which range from $188 to $3,128, have completely sold out.

The campaign currently has 21 days left until completion, and Sunless Skies is slated for a May 2018 release window.


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