Ultimate Moves Coming to Killer Instinct

Iron Galaxy, one of the developers behind the new Killer Instinct game, has announced that Ultimate moves are coming next week, but only for 15 characters right now (not counting Shadow Jago, who already has one). A blog post has been published explaining how they will work, and answering questions fans have raised. It also has a trailer showing Chief Thunder’s Ultimate move.

The first few Ultimate moves will be released on February 14th. Tusk, Maya, Jago, TJ Combo, and Chief Thunder will all get theirs on that day, and 10 more will be added in the months ahead. No specific dates have been revealed.

When the day comes, Ultimate moves can be downloaded at the in-game store, and will be absolutely free. They are used by starting an Ultra combo, and then hitting the LP and LK buttons, but they will only work if you still have your first health bar.

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