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Video gaming is one of the most lucrative entertainment industries in the world, constantly evolving and changing to fit the ever-growing player base. Over the years, games have ranged from casual adventures to hardcore puzzles to cinematic beauty. Games are great tools for socializing, competing, and relaxing. Playing video games can even improve your health and wellness! Here at NextLevel Gaming, we celebrate the gaming industry by publishing news and reviews surrounding the most anticipated video games on the market. And now, we’re looking for new contributors!

Have you ever wanted to publish a review of a video game? Have you ever wanted to write a news story on a top title? Have you ever wanted your writing published professionally for the world to see? With NLGO’s help, you can! We’re always looking for the best video game journalism content, some of which could come from you! If you’re a freelance writer, a hard worker looking for published portfolio credit and experience, or just someone that loves video games, you can contact us and learn how to write a piece for our wonderful website. You’ll work with NLGO’s experienced team of editors and writers to create great content and share it online for the gaming community.

We’re currently looking for reviews from the following games:

-Nier: Automata

-Ghost Recon: Wildlands

-Outlast II


And if you have a proposal outside of this list, feel free to let us know! We’re always looking to cover hot new indie games and sleeper hits. Also, if you’re interested in reporting and journalism, we’re always looking for news!

If you’d like to contribute, send your name, contact information, your news/review proposal, and a writing sample to


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