Dead Rising 4 DLC Details Revealed

Dead Rising 4 will be getting two new DLC packs this year, and Xbox Wire has revealed new details about them both. The first is a single-player story called Frank Rising, which tells the story of Frank West after he has become the newest member of Willamette’s horde.

Frank “is written off as incurable” by a former ally, but “he’ll find help from an unlikely resource.” Frank tries to find a permanent cure for his condition, all while developing new strengths and abilities. He no longer needs to eat food to survive, but he does have to prey on people. The survivors he cares about are trapped in the city, and Frank must try to rescue both them and himself “before the government closes his case file for good and wipes the city off the map.” Frank Rising will be available on April 4th.

The other DLC is called Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf. In this one, “players will flip zombies the bird as they navigate the greens in the Willamette Mall and surrounding town.” Special clubs, costumes, and balls can all be unlocked. Frank West will provide play-by-play commentary. Special power-ups will “take out zombies with explosive style while keeping swings low and the kill count high.” Players can do single player games, compete in 4 player matches, or play a round of turn-based co-op. No specific date has been given yet for when this DLC will be available.

Both of these DLC packs will be available on Xbox One and Windows 10, either individually for $9.99, or as part of a Season Pass in Dead Rising 4 Digital Deluxe Edition, which can be purchased in the Microsoft Store.

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