Destiny 2 Reveal Trailer is Epic…and Hilarious

“So, everything is gone. Your stuff. My stuff. And most importantly…MY stuff.”

Almost immediately after the recent poster leaks from Gamestop stores in Italy, the official Destiny Twitter account began hinting at a major reveal trailer for the Destiny sequel. Today, us fans received a teaser trailer from Activision and Bungie, and it’s surprisingly charming.

Destiny 2–the futuristic interplanetary 1st-person shooter–has been announced with a comedy teaser. This unexpected story-centric trailer follows parallel monologues from two returning characters of the original title as they motivate their fellow guardians to battle the alien menace. Through a set of expertly timed comedic moments and several montages of intense combat, the narrative link between the two games steps into the light. Check out the Destiny 2 reveal trailer for yourself below.

One of the most common complaints about the first Destiny was that the main questline had a dull and uninspiring story that failed to capitalize upon its promising ideas. While The Taken King DLC and other expansions helped to remedy this to a degree, the damage had already been dealt to the game’s reputation, and Destiny’s financial success outperformed its critical reception. Destiny 2 is a chance for Bungie to redeem themselves in this department, and expand upon everything they accomplished with the first go-round. This story-centric cinematic was definitely encouraging, but I’ll be reserving my overall judgment until we see some gameplay and get some understanding of the content.

Destiny 2 drops September 8th, 2017. Check back at NLGO for more coverage in the following months.

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