Evil Within 2 Possibly Leaked

All photos in this post courtesy of Tango Gameworks

Thanks to a user on NeoGaf, we have a possible clue to confirm the existence of the Evil Within’s upcoming sequel.

The aforementioned user posted a Japanese job listing that advertises for assistance on the development of Psycho Break 2. Psycho Break is the Japanese title for the well-received horror game, The Evil Within, developed and released by Tango Gameworks in 2014. The title is one of publisher Bethesda Softworks’ beloved new IPs, and  it developed a cult fanbase upon its release. Considering that success, and considering that both Bethesda and Tango have claimed that they’ve wanted to expand the franchise beyond one game (found here in an interview with Finder.com.au), most evidence points toward the sequel being a tangible possibility. It wouldn’t be surprising to see a showy reveal at E3 2017.

And I can’t even handle a spider in my bedroom.

We’ll update the story if the title gets confirmed, or if we find out that the leak is complete rubbish. Check back at NLGO for all of our regular horror game coverage.

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