Next Hearthstone Expansion Revealed: Journey to Un’Goro

Blizzard’s next expansion has been announced and just as the leaks from earlier in the year have foretold it is Journey to Un’Goro.  The new set will be another 135 card set and will bring with it new mechanics for the game.  The first change is the introduction of the Elemental tribe tag.  This new tribe will be given to new and old cards and join Murlocs, Dragons, Beasts, and Pirates for new in game synergies.  Along with is the mechanic of Adapt which similar to the Discover mechanic will present you with three options when you play your minion letting you chose which buff you want to give it.  This provides a level of flexibility to minions letting you better react to the board state.  Un’Goro also introduces new legendary spells that come in the form of quests.  The spell is a card and will automatically show up in your beginning hand and present requirements that need to be met as you play through the match and once completed will reward you.  For full details on Journey to Un’goro head here.

Priest is gonna have a strong late game…. if you can last that long.

The next expansion will come with the next standard rotation and usher in the Year of the Mammoth as we say farewell to the Year of the Kraken.  This years rotation will have the sets of Blackrock Mountain, Grand Tournament, and League of Explorers rotate out of standard and Blizzard will also introduce the Hall of Fame which is a list of cards from the standard set that are also being removed from standard.  The reasons for this being that the selected cards such as Ragnaros have become auto includes in many of the current deck archetypes and by removing them they will promote more deck diversity.   Journey to Un’goro and The Year of the Mammoth officially launch in early April, for more info head here, and until then feel free to destroy a few more insects with Ragnaros.


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