Over 1,500 Players Banned from For Honor

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Since the release of Ubisoft’s title For Honor in February, players have been finding and exploiting flaws in its complicated system. One of the most common exploits is AFK farming, in which players adjust the joysticks of their controllers (usually with a rubber band) to keep their characters moving during games, even though no one is playing. This constant movement helps them avoid being kicked from games for inactivity, and therefore allows them match rewards such as experience bonuses and challenge progress. The results are terrible for actual competing players that want their teams to succeed, considering the fact that one, two, or even all three of their teammates could be running into walls around the map and taking up team slots that real players could fill.¬†Some warriors have no honor.

Ubisoft made contact with their followers via Reddit and took their stand against this cheating tactic. So far, about 1,500 players have received 3-day bans from the servers, having already received warnings. Additionally, 4,000 new warnings have been issued against new first-time offenders, and Ubisoft announced that anyone caught farming with a cheat engine can possibly receive a permanent ban. If you’re curious to know more about the bans, you can find information on the For Honor sanctions here.

In our capsule review of For Honor, we stated the biggest issues we noted with the game were the ways the system allowed for griefing, cheating, and exploiting with ease, so it’s clear where we stand on this issue. Like Ubisoft said in their announcement, “Respect your opponents and other community members, inside and outside the game.”

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