Poster Leaks Reveal Destiny 2 and Release Date

According to a handful of leaked posters that have found their way online, Destiny 2 is late in development and will be released on September 8th, 2017.

The first leak comes from The Lega Network, an Italian news outlet that managed to capture images of a GameStop poster for the upcoming sequel. Those posters reveal a release date (September 8th) and an upcoming beta for the title. The second leak comes from a user on NeoGaf that posted a complete high-quality photo of one of the posters, shown to the right.

Destiny was the ambitious open-world shooter that released in late 2014 to lukewarm reception, delivering a sprawling-yet-somewhat-hollow experience. However, developer Bungie still provides great support for the game almost three years later, still releasing regular expansion packs and other DLC.

A sequel to the financial juggernaut was already known to be in the works, with publisher Activision being very vocal about wanting to deliver it before the end of the year. While its a shame to see the news anticlimactically broken before the official announcement, it’s far from a surprise.

If Activision releases an official announcment, this story will be updated appropriately. Be sure to stay tuned to NLGO for all Destiny 2 coverage in the coming months.

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