For Honor Community Threatens Boycott; Ubisoft Responds

Tensions seem to be high among a percentage of the For Honor playerbase.

On March 29th, Reddit user jbaayoun left a loaded post on the For Honor sub-reddit suggesting a 24-hour boycott of the online servers. The For Honor community has been dealing with a plethora of issues in the online system, the most infamous of which are connectivity problems, balancing issues, a dense wall of microtransactions, and a lack of proper communication from Ubisoft regarding patches, DLC, and customer service. The idea spread like wildfire, and at the time of this writing, the post has been “upvoted” over 12,000 times. Though the reactions from the community have been divisive, thousands of players appear to be ready to participate in the boycott on April 3rd.

In a Twitch live stream on April 1st, Ubisoft responded to the proposed boycott by addressing the more notorious complaints. In the video discussion, game producer, Stéphane Cardin, and game directors, Damien Kieken and Roman Campos-Oriola, state that they’ve heard the fans’ discontent. Ubisoft is reportedly working to bolster server stability, punish cheaters, and nerf the Peacekeeper–the hero widely recognized as For Honor’s most over-powered character.

Ubisoft has also taken some measures to break the microtransaction wall by increasing the availability of the in-game currency called “Steel.” The most recent patch to For Honor raises Steel income from matches by 25% and income from challenge orders by even higher rates. They’ve also created a weekly blog in order to provide more information for players about upcoming content and any other news relevant to the community.

So, generally speaking, the threat to boycott brought necessary change to online support, at least for the time being. The fans realized their power and made noise about the problems with the game, and they were heard. A follow-up Reddit post from the original planner, jbaayoun, called out to the community to cancel the boycott and make amends with Ubisoft out of respect for the prompt actions. Many of the players will probably miss the memo and follow through with the movement, but broadly speaking, the call to action has already been fulfilled and the time for protest has passed. Hopefully, this leads to a future of better communication and support from Ubisoft.

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