Star Wars Battlefront II Trailer Leaks Early

Rey? Darth Maul? EA listening to the fans? Whaaaaat?

Update: The full trailer, which is an extended version of the original leak, can now be viewed here!

A new Battlefront trailer was guaranteed to accompany the Star Wars Celebration beginning on April 13th, but no one expected an early leak.

Unfortunately, the 30-second cinematic trailer is disappearing from social media sites and news outlets across the web, and I don’t plan on dragging NextLevel Gaming into a copyright infringement lawsuit, so here are some (grainy, sorry) screenshots I was able to catch. I’ll also add some captions to summarize what we’re seeing and predict what it all could mean.

First, EA provides a glimpse of the story mode, a feature that should’ve been in the first Battlefront but is only arriving now. The trailer advertises that this is “the untold soldier’s story” along with shots of a group of Imperial troops on Endor. They look up into the sky and watch the Death Star II explode, and the camera focuses on a female officer, presumably the protagonist of the campaign.

Next, we see some action shots advertising multiplayer, and thankfully, the trailer declares that the battles will take place “across all eras.” The trailer then showcases two amazing showdowns: Darth Maul against Yoda and Rey against Kylo Ren. At the conclusion of the trailer, the new characters are confirmed by the tag line to pre-order the game to play as heroes from The Last Jedi.

Other new features hinted at within the trailer include new locations like Starkiller Base, and new modes including space battles. However, these are only shown as brief teases, and it wouldn’t surprise me if these don’t actually appear in the final game after EA’s under-delivery with the first reboot of Battlefront. This skepticism aside, the confirmed inclusion of the characters and factions from episodes I, II, III, VII, and VIII, is a welcome sight. The addition of an original story mode is encouraging as well. Overall, this trailer suggests a more successful, more complete Star Wars game is on its way later this year.

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