SNES Classic Edition Confirmed. Star Fox 2 To Finally Be Released

The NES Classic Edition was a hit, and rumors that the SNES would get a similar treatment have been all over the place for months now. Today, Nintendo confirmed via Twitter that the SNES Classic Edition will be a reality. It will include 21 classic games like Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, Earthbound, and F-Zero.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that one of the games that will be available is the never-before-released Star Fox 2. After the first Star Fox game was released in 1993, a sequel was in the works. It had been scheduled to be released back in 1995, and was massively hyped. For reasons that Nintendo has never officially revealed, Star Fox 2 was cancelled. It has always been one of the most famous video games nobody ever got to play. Many of the mechanics that would have been part of the game would be included into Star Fox 64, Star Fox Command, and Star Fox Zero.

According to a statement released on Kotaku, the SNES Classic Edition will have “significantly more units” than the NES Classic Edition did. It will be released on September 29 of this year. To see this statement, and a list of other games to be released on the console, click here.

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