Doomfist Revealed

“Wanna arm wrestle?”

After months of speculation, the moment is finally here. Doomfist has officially been revealed as Overwatch’s newest hero. And he’s amazing. Terry Crews may not be the voice of our favorite Nigerian pugilist, but there’s still plenty to be excited about. Rumors surrounding Doomfist have existed as long as Overwatch itself.

Doomfist is a cybernetically enhanced fighter who excels at close-range combat and disruption. He can jump into the fray and terrorize his enemies with Rocket Punch and Meteor Strike, while also dealing damage from afar with his Hand Cannon. Punching people never felt so satisfying.

Since launch, Overwatch has been littered with easter eggs relating to Doomfist. On the Numbani map, players have escorted Doomfist’s gauntlet back and forth millions of times. Following the release of Orisa, however, the gauntlet went missing. This development hinted at the possibility of Doomfist’s addition to the Overwatch roster at some point in the near future. It was also a continuation of Blizzard’s extremely successful strategy of tying together the Overwatch world in the form of web comics, videos and voice lines.

Doomfist is currently playable on the PTR.



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