Knights of the Frozen Throne revealed as new Hearthstone expansion

Blizzard announced last week that information on the upcoming Hearthstone expansion would be given at the start of the HTC Spring Championship.  Today, as the contest began in Shanghai, the Hearthstone team decided to kickoff the event with an announcement trailer for the newest expansion Knights of the Frozen Throne.  This would have been more surprising if the usual leak of images hadn’t occurred earlier in the day.  Nonetheless Hearthstone players finally get to experience the continent of Northrend in the form of a 135 card expansion alongside some new solo adventures that are promised for free at launch.

No jingle for this trailer either, what gives Blizzard?

KotFT introduces a new card type into the game in the form of Hero cards.  These cards, when played, will replace your hero with an undead version of themselves with each class getting their own Hero card.  The expansion also introduces a new keyword into the game with Lifesteal.  When a card with lifesteal deals damage your hero is healed for the same amount.  While this effect isn’t new to card games (or even Hearthstone)  it’ll hopefully create some more diversity among future matches.  More cards are promised to be reveled on the Twenty fourth of this month and the expansion is said to be released August.  If you want to learn more check out the announcement trailer below.





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