Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for Murder Mystery Game Where Townsfolk Turn into Cats at Night

Hidetaka Suehiro is a game director and writer better known as Swery. He is known for his work on games like Spy Fiction, Deadly Premonition, and D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die. He recently left Access Games to create his own studio called White Owls. A few days ago, he launched a crowdfunding campaign for his latest project, The Good Life.

The Good Life tells the story of Naomi, a photographer from New York, who comes to a rural town in England called Rainy Street to to pay off a debt she owes. Much of the game will be spent trying to earn money doing small jobs so she can pay back the money. Rainy Street is a quiet little town that was built back in medieval times, and doesn’t look like it’s changed much. For a girl like Naomi, who is accustomed to having access to the internet and New York style pizzas, Rainy Street is like her own personal hell. Everyone there claims that it’s the happiest town, and that they’re the happiest people, but they never elaborate on either claim.

There is a darker side to this town, however. Naomi’s job as a photographer leads her to a few secrets, including a young girl, the wheelchair bound pastor’s daughter, who has been stabbed to death by a medieval sword and left floating in a river. In addition to collecting the money she owes, Naomi will investigate the death of the girl, known as Elizabeth.

The murder isn’t the only strange thing about this town. At night, everyone in Rainy Woods turns into a cat. Including Naomi herself. Nobody knows why this happens, as the townsfolk lose their memories the next day. Playing as a cat will allow Naomi to hunt for mice and fish, but it will also allow her to climb rooftops and discover secrets she would never be able to find as a human. Naomi will also be customizable in human and cat form.

Swery is currently asking for $1,500,000 to fund The Good Life. Anyone interesting in investing in this game has until October 12th. You can learn more about the game, or help finance it here, and check out a trailer here.

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