Analogue Reveals New Console That Plays SNES Games

The NES Classic and the SNES Classic were both huge hits for Nintendo, but a lot of games didn’t make on to either console. Analogue, a Seattle-based company that’s known for quality presentation of classic games on modern consoles, has revealed their upcoming product: the Super Nt, a console that can play more than 2,200 SNES and Super Famicom games.

The Super Nt uses an FPGA (Field-programmable gate array), a special kind of microchip that can replicate old games to a degree that puts emulators to shame. It’s so similar to the original console, that the only thing you’ll need to play old SNES games is the cartridges themselves. The Super Gameboy will also be compatible with this device.

“The thing about the FPGA is, it replicates the hardware at a very low level. It’s not emulating it per se; there’s no code running. What it does is, it’s like a chip that you can program to turn into another chip, which I program to act exactly like an old Nintendo. It’s so close to a real Nintendo console that you can actually run the game right off the real cartridge,” Kevin Horton, an engineer working for Analogue told Vice back in April while talking about the Nt Mini, which used this same technology to replicate NES games.

The Super Nt will be available for $189.99 on February 2018.

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