Darkest Dungeon Coming to Switch

Red Hook Studios revealed that their hit indie game, Darkest Dungeon, is coming to the Nintendo Switch. A brief video posted to Twitter shows the game being played, and slowly pans out to reveal that the person playing the game is using a Switch controller.

Darkest Dungeon puts players into the shoes of someone who inherited an estate from a relative who tried to unearth the catacombs and dungeons beneath the manor, only to open portals that released various monsters and horrors onto the world. The player then organizes an adventuring party to explore the dungeons beneath the manor.

Darkest Dungeon stood out from other games by incorporating a stress mechanic. Party members had their own unique fears (the dark, for example), and if the level of stress rose too high, it would impact the party members. Some might become too afraid to fight. In rare cases, it could invigorate them in battle.

Darkest Dungeon was released back in January of 2016 for the PC, and September 2016 on the PlayStation 4, and the Vita. No release date has been given yet for the upcoming Switch version.

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