Old School Runescape Coming to Mobile

RuneScape was the classic MMORPG released all the way back in 2001. It has experienced a multitude of updates, some of which have drastically shifted the game away from its popular roots. Soon, however, the old school RuneScape will not only be back, but it will be better than ever.

Old School RuneScape is being developed for a mobile client that is set to arrive later this year. A beta will arrive in the winter, and then the full release will come later. Full RuneScape mobile will be released in 2018.

The available platforms will probably be Android and iPhone devices (based on the questions poised for those registering to try out the beta). Fortunately, the app will be cross-platform, meaning that any old account can be revived to play. Players can join in right where they left off, even if they stopped in the mid-2000s.

To learn more details about Old School Mobile RuneScape, or to sign up for the beta, click here. For all your gaming news, stay tuned to NLGO.

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