Overwatch Starts its Second Halloween Event

Halloween is just around the corner, and Blizzard is bringing the spook back to Overwatch.

From October 10th to November 2nd, The Halloween Terror 2017 event is active. This means that all loot boxes can carry both the creepy costumes¬†from 2016, and a variety of brand-new items from this year. New costumes are available for Reaper, Ana, McCree, Mei, Zenyatta, Symmetra, Torbjorn, and Zarya. From dressing up as Cthulu to embracing the 80s, there’s no limit to the creativity of Overwatch’s newest character skins.

Halloween or not, fighting against a skilled Mei is terrifying.

In addition, the Junkenstein’s Revenge gameplay challenge has made a return in the arcade. Group with up to three of your friends to fend off waves of enemies in either a limited run or an endless horde mode.

For all your Overwatch coverage, stay tuned to NLGO.

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