GameStop Launching Rental Service for Used Games

It’s no secret that some used games can be absurdly overpriced for their value, particularly if the buyer only wishes to try out the title for a limited time. GameStop, one of the largest distributors of new and used games in the world, is offering up a solution to this pricing problem.

Beginning in mid-November, GameStop is offering the Power Pass to members of the PowerUp Rewards Program. For a fee of $60, Power Pass holders may rent any used game from their local GameStop store for six months. Only one game may be rented at a time, but the amount of overall exchanges is unlimited. During the period, players can play any game from the store’s inventory, so long as it’s in stock. This is a seemingly excellent deal, and there’s even more to be offered. As an added bonus, the last game players borrow–once the six month period ends–may be kept permanently. The $60 fee (which was often the price of some of the least used games) could potentially allow players to grind through the entirety of their local GameStop’s inventory, then an extra title for their collection to boot.

The deal sounds excellent, especially for players with a lot of free time on their hands, or consumers with shallow wallets. It encourages the community to commit their business to GameStop, and it gives everyone else a much-needed break from the outrageous prices they’ve needed to pay until this point. The only foreseeable problem with this system may be the fact that checked-out games may dwindle a store’s inventory at any given time, preventing purchasers from finding the games that they want, but otherwise, the PowerUp Pass is likely to be a smash hit.


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