Overwatch Hero on PTR

The new Overwatch Hero, Moira, was officially announced at Blizzcon 2017 and four days later she is appearing on the PTR as a playable character. Players are raving over her abilities and the new skins, sprays, and emotes that come along with her character. With the Talon lore behind her, Moira O’Deorain is their first support hero who can both heal her team mates, and deal damage with her two passive abilities.  The Overwatch creators describer her as, “Equal parts brilliant and controversial,”

Along with the new hero being announced Blizzard plans to extend their hero comics for Overwatch. With these comics being a crucial part of each heroes backstory, Blizzard plans to give fans a better look into their individual stories. The extension of these stories would give players a personal look into their favorite heroes life before the Omnic Crisis. But back in November 2016 Blizzard made the decision to stop the future writing of Michael Chu’s Overwatch: First Strike.

Even though this project was put to an end there is still talk about an Overwatch movie. Activision Blizzard has plans of straying away from the animated shorts, and moving towards creating a full movie, but sadly this is only a dream for Overwatch fans. Jeff Kaplan said, “If the script and the story isn’t right we won’t do it,” but that isn’t a direct “no.” Hopefully, there could be a chance for the future of a fabulous work of film for Blizzard.


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