Sega Announces Valkyria Chronicles 4

Yesterday, Sega revealed that the next installment in the Valkyria Chronicles series is in the works. According to Sega (in an article translated by Gematsu), Valkyria Chronicles 4 will take players back to the Atlantic Federation, as they try to fight the Autocratic East Europan Imperial Alliance during the Second Europan War. Commander Claude Wallace and his childhood friends in Squad E are tasked with carrying out Operation Northern Cross, a desperate attempt to capture the Imperial capital. A freak blizzard also plays a part in the story.

Unlike Valkyria Revolution, the last game in the series, Valkyria Chronicles 4 will return to the turn-based combat system that most of the series utilized. Revolution had a more action oriented gameplay style that wasn’t as popular with the fans. Kei Mikami, the producer of the game, did an interview with PlayStation Blog today, and revealed a few other details. Unlike the first game in the series, which focused on the small country of Gallia, this one will have a larger scope, and an epic-scale story. He also talks about the CANVAS Graphics Engine, which makes the game look similar to a watercolor painting.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch in the Spring of 2018. Check out the reveal trailer here.

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