Overwatch Year of the Dog Event Starts Tomorrow

Overwatch’s Lunar New Year event is making its return. While 2017 brought the Year of the Rooster, 2018 brings the Year of the Dog, where a new map and a revamped game mode are arriving alongside a host of event-exclusive cosmetic items.

In a developer update, Blizzard developer and Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan announced the return of the beloved February event. As per usual, the event will bring over 50 seasonal rewards. Kaplan specified that at least six new legendary skins should make their debut appearances, and he confirmed that Mercy and Genji are two of the recipients. In addition, the video’s introduction offered a look at a new skin for Widowmaker.

On top of the regular content, Year of the Dog is following in the footsteps of the Summer Games event. Like Lucio Ball, Capture the Flag will become a featured game mode for the event. For the length of the event, this game mode will not only be returning to the arcade, but it will also have a competitive playlist with placements, rankings, and unique rewards.

Finally, a map specifically tailored to Capture the Flag will join the arcade. Ayutthaya, which is located in Thailand, is expected to see plenty of play for the event, but whether or not it will migrate to other arcade game modes is unknown. Though no pictures or details have been released, Kaplan calls it the best part of the Chinese New Year event, so anticipation is high.

Overwatch’s Year of the Dog begins tomorrow, February 8th, and ends one month later on March 8. For all your Overwatch news, stay tuned to NLGO.


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