Battlefront 2 receives “v2.0” Patch

The original Bespin from 2004

DICE’s Battlefront 2 will be getting a major update to its multiplayer progression system very soon, which will change the way unlocks work on a class by class basis. As shown on a forum post here, they will be bringing back microtransactions to the game but only for cosmetic items. Possibly the most major change though will be the redesign of the multiplayer progression system as briefly mentioned above.

Bespin from the new Battlefront

No longer will there be a semi vague and confusing crafting system with currency that is more scarce than positive comments from me about this game.

This is a welcomed change because now the unlock process will be less confusing and random and will not reward players for purchasing loot crates, rather it will reward players with unlocks and progression by playing the game and putting time into classes they want to play.

Along with changes to progression, there is a laundry list of patches to mechanics and functions related to various characters and events in the game, which is nice to see that they are continually fixing up large and small things. It’ll be interesting to see where the development and changes to the game go from here.

Check back here for more updates on Battlefront 2 in the future.

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