Overwatch Leagues First Female Pro

Overwatch ladies rejoice! The first ever female pro player was signed Mid March to be part of the Shanghai Dragons in hopes that their 0-10 success rate can be revived, and her name is Kim “Geguri” Se-Leon, who runs tank player, Zarya. Geguri was accused of cheating back in the Overwatch Semi-Pro competition, resulting in a live action game-play to provide evidence that she was not involved in a cheating scandal. Geguri is an experienced gamer with a success rate of 80% and used to play for the ROX Orcas in her home country of South Korea.

Overwatch, and E-Sports as a whole has a reputation for not signing female players to their teams. Excuses such as: chemistry between players, team dynamics, or fear of being considered signing a female player as a ploy for success rates. As it stands Kim may be crucial to the Dragons’ triumph. The team is at the bottom of Overwatch League as of this writing, but let’s hope this phenomenal lady has what it takes to help lead the Shanghai Dragons up the leaderboard!


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