Complicated Fuel

As the Overwatch League continues there are some complications that have come up along the way. As of today the Overwatch league has decided to fire floundering coach, Kyle “Kyky” Souder, and player, Kim “Rascal” Dong-Jun from the Dallas Fuel. The Dallas Fuel stands with a 6-18 winning ratio as well as the 10th place team overall.

With the release of Rascal the Dallas Fuel coach staff has said,

“We had hoped that Rascal could add flexibility to our DPS lineup on the team this season. Unfortunately, his commitment to the team did not meet our expectations and his unwillingness to communicate with the team while playing in recent matches became a large distraction,” Rufail said.

With the recent suspension and release of “xOc” as well as his replacement, “OGE”, the Fuel appears to be at the top of the Overwatch controversy board. Within the next few weeks players and viewers should see a release on who the next head coach may be, and as for the Dallas Fuel replacing Rascal, it seems to appear that their singing window has been closed for future potential players.


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