“Halo Online” development halts temporarily

The main menu for ElDewrito

A few years ago there was a Halo game for PC being worked on by Microsoft, 343, and Sabre Interactive called Halo Online. This game was being developed with a Russian market in mind, but it soon fell into the realm of “being published in 2000-never”. However this didn’t stop a team picking up where the original three left off and making it into what it is today: ElDewrito. Development of ElDewrito has been progressing slowly for the past few years with Microsoft occasionally chiming in to tell the team to stop working on the project, as it was not being officially supported, licensed, or permitted by Microsoft.

Valhalla looking pretty as ever

The team recently released their Version 0.6 update for ElDewrito, and subsequently were served with a DMCA, essentially a cease and decist, order from Microsoft themselves asked by 343 to halt development of ElDewrito until further notice. While development may be halted for the time being, the mod is still playable and content can still be created for it.

While the future of ElDewrito may be uncertain, there is another game called Installation 01 that is in the works that seeks to be in the same field as ElDewrito, that is an updated Halo on PC game. Installation 01 is made on its own engine using its own assets to recreate the Halo feel from the good ‘ol Bungie days.

A press release about the DMCA request to halt development can be read here and from the ElDewrito team here; more information on Installation 01 can be found here at their official site.

Updated at 9:40pm CST on 27 April 2018.

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